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    Electrical installations can be difficult and also very dangerous. Electrical hazards are often not seen by the untrained eye, all the more reason to call a licensed professional. Free panel inspections are included with every service call to ensure everything is up to current code and operating safely.

    Cali Coast Electric takes a unique approach to the Electrical Construction Industry. We strive to meet our clients’ individual needs, completing each job with professional workmanship, pride in work, and cleanliness. We make sure to cover all floors and furniture before doing any work that creates dust or debris. All the work we perform reflects the most current NEC code requirements, and each job is followed up with a call to confirm our customers are 100% pleased with the work.


    Bought my house 12 years ago. Built in 1989. Cody, and Cali Coast Electric have absolutely beautified my house. I couldn’t be more grateful, and happy with the level of service, and quality of work they did. I highly recommend them for any homes built prior to 2000, or anyone looking for high end upgrades at an affordable price.

    Richard T.

    Cody did an amazing job installing an antique saloon chandelier in my parents dinning room. He was on time and worked meticulously to make sure it was installed correctly. He is super friendly and affordable. I highly recommend him for any of your electrical work needs. Thanks again, Cody!

    Jale K.

    Cody did a fantastic job wiring and installing our garage lights and a hanging light in the house. The job was done very professionally and you can’t even tell he modified anything! He was on time and very courteous. He left the house clean too! I will defInitely have him back for future projects! Thank you Cody!

    Candi M.

    Cody did an amazing job installing my 50 amp sub panel. His price was very good . He did a great jobs from quote to finish product, he was always on time and communicated all aspects of the job. I will be happy to use him again if I need any electrical needs.

    Beau C.

    I had Cody come out to put a sub-panel along with a 240 outlet for an electric vehicle. Not only did he communicate well, he did excellent work at a very fair price. He showed up early and ensured that everything was to our liking when completed. I highly recommend Cali Coast Electric for any of your electric needs. Thanks Cody!

    Adam B.

    Residential Electrician in Murrieta: Trusted Solutions for Your Home

    When it comes to your home’s electrical needs, having a reliable and skilled residential electrician in Murrieta is essential. At Cali Coast Electric, we understand the importance of a safe and functional electrical system for your household. Our team of experienced electricians is dedicated to providing top-notch residential electrical services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require repairs, maintenance, installations, or emergency services, we are here to ensure your home’s electrical system operates seamlessly.

    Residential Electrician in Murrieta: Problems We Fix

    At Cali Coast Electric, our team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of residential electrical problems in Murrieta. Here are some of the most common issues we can assist you with:

    1. Faulty Wiring – Outdated or damaged wiring can lead to electrical hazards and potential fires. Our electricians can inspect and upgrade your home’s wiring to ensure safety and reliability.
    2. Electrical Outages – Frequent power outages can be frustrating and disruptive. We can identify the cause of the outages and provide effective solutions, such as backup power systems or panel upgrades.
    3. Lighting Issues – Whether it’s flickering lights, dimming fixtures, or inadequate lighting, our electricians can diagnose the problem and install energy-efficient lighting solutions that enhance both functionality and aesthetics.
    4. Circuit Breaker Tripping – If your circuit breakers constantly trip, it may indicate an overloaded electrical system. We can assess your electrical load and distribute it properly, ensuring your circuits can handle your household’s demands.
    5. Outlet and Switch Problems – Non-functioning outlets or switches can be inconvenient. Our electricians can troubleshoot and repair or replace these components, restoring functionality to your home’s electrical system.
    6. Electrical Safety Inspections – Our comprehensive electrical safety inspections can identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with safety regulations, providing you with peace of mind and a secure living environment.
    7. Home Renovations and Remodeling – If you’re planning a home renovation or remodeling project, our electricians can assist with electrical upgrades, ensuring your new spaces are equipped with safe and efficient electrical systems.
    8. Energy Efficiency Enhancements – We offer energy-saving solutions such as LED lighting installations, smart home automation, and power management systems that reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs.

    Our Residential Electrician Services in Murrieta

    At Cali Coast Electric, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction. When you choose us as your residential electrician in Murrieta, here’s what you can expect:

    1. Skilled and Experienced Electricians – Our team consists of licensed and highly skilled electricians with years of experience in residential electrical work. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry practices to ensure superior service.
    2. Customized Solutions – We understand that each home has unique electrical requirements. Our electricians take the time to assess your needs and provide personalized solutions that align with your goals and budget.
    3. Reliable and Prompt Service – We value your time and strive to provide reliable and prompt service. Our electricians arrive on time, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to complete the job efficiently.
    4. Safety-Focused Approach – Your safety is our priority. Our electricians adhere to strict safety protocols, follow industry standards, and prioritize safety in every aspect of our work.
    5. Transparent Pricing – We believe in transparency and provide upfront pricing for our services. You can trust that there are no hidden costs or surprises when you choose Cali Coast Electric as your residential electrician.

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    When it comes to residential electrical services in Murrieta, Cali Coast Electric is the trusted name you can rely on. Our team of skilled electricians is committed to delivering safe, efficient, and reliable solutions for your home. From addressing common electrical problems to offering customized services and ensuring customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference of working with a professional residential electrician.

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