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    Electrical installations can be difficult and also very dangerous. Electrical hazards are often not seen by the untrained eye, all the more reason to call a licensed professional. Free panel inspections are included with every service call to ensure everything is up to current code and operating safely.

    Cali Coast Electric takes a unique approach to the Electrical Construction Industry. We strive to meet our clients’ individual needs, completing each job with professional workmanship, pride in work, and cleanliness. We make sure to cover all floors and furniture before doing any work that creates dust or debris. All the work we perform reflects the most current NEC code requirements, and each job is followed up with a call to confirm our customers are 100% pleased with the work.


    Bought my house 12 years ago. Built in 1989. Cody, and Cali Coast Electric have absolutely beautified my house. I couldn’t be more grateful, and happy with the level of service, and quality of work they did. I highly recommend them for any homes built prior to 2000, or anyone looking for high end upgrades at an affordable price.

    Richard T.

    Cody did an amazing job installing an antique saloon chandelier in my parents dinning room. He was on time and worked meticulously to make sure it was installed correctly. He is super friendly and affordable. I highly recommend him for any of your electrical work needs. Thanks again, Cody!

    Jale K.

    Cody did a fantastic job wiring and installing our garage lights and a hanging light in the house. The job was done very professionally and you can’t even tell he modified anything! He was on time and very courteous. He left the house clean too! I will defInitely have him back for future projects! Thank you Cody!

    Candi M.

    Cody did an amazing job installing my 50 amp sub panel. His price was very good . He did a great jobs from quote to finish product, he was always on time and communicated all aspects of the job. I will be happy to use him again if I need any electrical needs.

    Beau C.

    I had Cody come out to put a sub-panel along with a 240 outlet for an electric vehicle. Not only did he communicate well, he did excellent work at a very fair price. He showed up early and ensured that everything was to our liking when completed. I highly recommend Cali Coast Electric for any of your electric needs. Thanks Cody!

    Adam B.

    The Best Electricians in Riverside: Your Go-To Electrical Pros!

    Are you a Riverside homeowner in search of the absolute best electricians in town? Look no further than Cali Coast Electric! We’re not your average electrical company – we’re the trusted experts who prioritize your needs and deliver top-notch service. Whether it’s residential or commercial electrical work, repairs, maintenance, or installations, we’ve got you covered.

    The Best Electricians in Riverside: Electrical Solutions

    At Cali Coast Electric, we know that a safe and reliable electrical system is essential for your home sweet home. Our team of rockstar electricians specializes in a wide range of residential electrical services, including:

    • Electrical Repairs – Got flickering lights or mysterious power outages? Our expert troubleshooters are here to identify and fix any electrical issues, so you can enjoy uninterrupted power and peace of mind.
    • Electrical Installations – Looking to spruce up your home with new lighting fixtures or ceiling fans? Our skilled electricians will handle the installation with precision and care, ensuring everything looks fabulous and functions flawlessly.
    • Electrical Upgrades – Stay ahead of the game by upgrading your electrical system to meet modern demands. From panel upgrades to circuit installations, we’ll make sure your home is wired for success.
    • Home Safety Inspections – Your family’s safety is our top concern. Our comprehensive home safety inspections detect potential hazards and provide expert recommendations to keep your loved ones protected.

    Reliable Commercial Electrical Services

    We’re not just residential experts – our electricians are also pros when it comes to commercial properties in Riverside. We offer a range of top-notch services, including:

    • Commercial Electrical Repairs – Business downtime? Not on our watch! Our rapid-response team swiftly handles electrical repairs, minimizing disruptions and getting your operations back on track.
    • Electrical System Maintenance – Keep your business running smoothly with our tailored maintenance plans. We’ll keep a watchful eye on your electrical system, ensuring it operates at peak performance and minimizing unexpected issues.
    • Lighting Design and Installation – Illuminate your commercial space in style! Our lighting specialists will create a custom design that enhances your brand, boosts productivity, and sets the perfect ambiance for your customers and employees.
    • Electrical Upgrades and Retrofits – Need to upgrade your electrical infrastructure? We’ve got you covered. Our experts will bring your systems up to code, improve energy efficiency, and support your business growth.

    Why Choose Cali Coast Electric?

    • Expertise and Experience – Our team of supercharged electricians boasts extensive knowledge and years of experience. We know our way around electrical systems and apply industry best practices to deliver exceptional results.
    • Customer Satisfaction – Your happiness is our ultimate goal. We take the time to listen, provide personalized solutions, and ensure open communication every step of the way. Your satisfaction is non-negotiable.
    • Reliability and Punctuality – We respect your time – no “electrician time” here! Our dependable team arrives promptly, works efficiently, and completes projects within the agreed timeframe, because we value your schedule as much as you do.
    • Safety and Compliance – We’re serious about safety. Our electricians adhere to strict safety standards and comply with all regulations to protect your property and ensure the well-being of your loved ones.
    • Competitive Pricing – Premium quality doesn’t have to break the bank. We offer competitive pricing, delivering exceptional value for your investment. Quality workmanship and affordability? It’s a win-win!

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    When it comes to the best electricians in Riverside, Cali Coast Electric is the real deal. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote.

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