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    Electrical installations can be difficult and also very dangerous. Electrical hazards are often not seen by the untrained eye, all the more reason to call a licensed professional. Free panel inspections are included with every service call to ensure everything is up to current code and operating safely.

    Cali Coast Electric takes a unique approach to the Electrical Construction Industry. We strive to meet our clients’ individual needs, completing each job with professional workmanship, pride in work, and cleanliness. We make sure to cover all floors and furniture before doing any work that creates dust or debris. All the work we perform reflects the most current NEC code requirements, and each job is followed up with a call to confirm our customers are 100% pleased with the work.


    Bought my house 12 years ago. Built in 1989. Cody, and Cali Coast Electric have absolutely beautified my house. I couldn’t be more grateful, and happy with the level of service, and quality of work they did. I highly recommend them for any homes built prior to 2000, or anyone looking for high end upgrades at an affordable price.

    Richard T.

    Cody did an amazing job installing an antique saloon chandelier in my parents dinning room. He was on time and worked meticulously to make sure it was installed correctly. He is super friendly and affordable. I highly recommend him for any of your electrical work needs. Thanks again, Cody!

    Jale K.

    Cody did a fantastic job wiring and installing our garage lights and a hanging light in the house. The job was done very professionally and you can’t even tell he modified anything! He was on time and very courteous. He left the house clean too! I will defInitely have him back for future projects! Thank you Cody!

    Candi M.

    Cody did an amazing job installing my 50 amp sub panel. His price was very good . He did a great jobs from quote to finish product, he was always on time and communicated all aspects of the job. I will be happy to use him again if I need any electrical needs.

    Beau C.

    I had Cody come out to put a sub-panel along with a 240 outlet for an electric vehicle. Not only did he communicate well, he did excellent work at a very fair price. He showed up early and ensured that everything was to our liking when completed. I highly recommend Cali Coast Electric for any of your electric needs. Thanks Cody!

    Adam B.

    LED Parking Lot Lighting Murrieta – Initial Costs and Long-Term Savings

    LED parking lot lights are advanced lighting solutions known for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and customizable features. Widely favored in Murrieta and beyond, these lights improve visibility and safety in parking lots while supporting eco-friendly practices through reduced energy consumption. As the city adopts modern lighting solutions, LED parking lot lights stand out as an efficient and innovative choice for well-lit outdoor spaces.

    In this post, we’ll break down the financial aspects of LED parking lot lighting in Murrieta, covering the upfront investment and the potential for significant savings in energy bills and maintenance.

    Understanding the Initial Costs

    Investing in LED parking lot lighting in Murrieta involves an initial cost that encompasses various components. The cost depends on factors such as the type of LED fixtures, installation requirements, and the size of the parking lot. While the upfront expense might give you pause, it’s crucial to view it as a strategic investment that promises significant returns in the long run.

    Factors Influencing LED Parking Lot Lighting Costs:

    1. Type of Fixtures – LED lighting offers a range of fixtures, each catering to different illumination needs. The initial cost can vary based on the selected fixtures, whether it’s traditional pole-mounted lights, wall-mounted fixtures, or more advanced smart lighting systems.
    2. Installation Requirements – The installation process contributes to the initial cost. Factors like wiring complexities, the need for additional infrastructure, or custom installations can influence the overall investment.
    3. Parking Lot Size – The size of the parking lot directly impacts the number and type of fixtures required. Larger lots may need more lights for uniform illumination, affecting the initial cost.

    Long-Term Savings

    While the initial cost might seem like a substantial investment, the long-term savings associated with LED parking lot lighting tell a different story. LED lights are renowned for their energy efficiency, leading to significant reductions in energy consumption and subsequent cost savings.

    Energy Efficiency and Reduced Bills

    LED lights convert a higher percentage of energy into visible light compared to traditional lighting options, resulting in lower energy bills. Murrieta’s transition to LED parking lot lighting aligns with energy efficiency goals, allowing for substantial financial savings over time.

    Maintenance Cost Reduction

    One of the often-overlooked aspects of LED lighting is its extended lifespan. LED lights require fewer replacements compared to traditional lights, translating to reduced maintenance costs for Murrieta’s parking lot owners. This longevity not only saves on replacement expenses but also minimizes disruptions caused by maintenance activities.

    Environmental Impact and Incentives

    Beyond direct cost savings, LED parking lot lighting in Murrieta contributes to environmental sustainability. Lower energy consumption means reduced greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with the city’s commitment to eco-friendly initiatives. Additionally, there are potential incentives and rebates available for businesses and property owners adopting energy-efficient lighting solutions.

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    As Murrieta progresses towards a future illuminated by advanced LED parking lot lighting, understanding the cost dynamics becomes paramount. While the initial investment is a crucial consideration, the long-term savings, energy efficiency, and positive environmental impact position LED lighting as a wise and forward-thinking choice. Illuminate your Murrieta parking lot not just with light but with an investment that pays dividends over time. Choose Cali Coast Electric for budget-friendly and eco-friendly LED parking lot lighting. Contact us today!

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