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    Electrical installations can be difficult and also very dangerous. Electrical hazards are often not seen by the untrained eye, all the more reason to call a licensed professional. Free panel inspections are included with every service call to ensure everything is up to current code and operating safely.

    Cali Coast Electric takes a unique approach to the Electrical Construction Industry. We strive to meet our clients’ individual needs, completing each job with professional workmanship, pride in work, and cleanliness. We make sure to cover all floors and furniture before doing any work that creates dust or debris. All the work we perform reflects the most current NEC code requirements, and each job is followed up with a call to confirm our customers are 100% pleased with the work.


    Bought my house 12 years ago. Built in 1989. Cody, and Cali Coast Electric have absolutely beautified my house. I couldn’t be more grateful, and happy with the level of service, and quality of work they did. I highly recommend them for any homes built prior to 2000, or anyone looking for high end upgrades at an affordable price.

    Richard T.

    Cody did an amazing job installing an antique saloon chandelier in my parents dinning room. He was on time and worked meticulously to make sure it was installed correctly. He is super friendly and affordable. I highly recommend him for any of your electrical work needs. Thanks again, Cody!

    Jale K.

    Cody did a fantastic job wiring and installing our garage lights and a hanging light in the house. The job was done very professionally and you can’t even tell he modified anything! He was on time and very courteous. He left the house clean too! I will defInitely have him back for future projects! Thank you Cody!

    Candi M.

    Cody did an amazing job installing my 50 amp sub panel. His price was very good . He did a great jobs from quote to finish product, he was always on time and communicated all aspects of the job. I will be happy to use him again if I need any electrical needs.

    Beau C.

    I had Cody come out to put a sub-panel along with a 240 outlet for an electric vehicle. Not only did he communicate well, he did excellent work at a very fair price. He showed up early and ensured that everything was to our liking when completed. I highly recommend Cali Coast Electric for any of your electric needs. Thanks Cody!

    Adam B.

    Electrical Services Near Me in Temecula

    Reasons to Get Emergency Electrical Services Nears Me

    Emergency electricians provide an incredible range of services that ensure people like you are protected and safe when power problems develop. However, you need to know when emergency electrical services near me in Temecula, California, are essential, and when you don’t need to use them. The following situations are all critical moments for homeowners and often need the help of high-quality professional electricians to manage correctly and to address common concerns that may otherwise develop.

    Problems With the Circuit Breaker

    At some point, a circuit breaker is going to trip in your home. That’s just something that happens from time to time. However, the circuit breaker shouldn’t trip all that often – it should only happen if you have an electrical overflow in one area. Most people go for years without seeing this issue occur in their homes. But if you’re finding that your breaker keeps going off multiple times throughout a week or even once a day, something might be happening here that needs an emergency electrician.

    For example, electrical services near me may find out that your box is overloaded in ways that you don’t expect. We often find that people try to plug in too many items into one plug and trip their electrical systems rather unexpectedly. Even worse, we have found that many people don’t understand that they are doing this or don’t even know how their box works. As a result, they are putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation that shouldn’t be happening.

    Thankfully, emergency electricians can fix this problem by assessing why the breaker keeps tripping. Then, they can take steps to ensure that this issue doesn’t happen again. Often, all it takes is redirecting some of the power to different areas of the breaker. Sometimes, you may have to lose certain electrical items or even get a whole new circuit breaker box installed in your home. This step may seem excessive in some cases but is by no means too much work if your home is in danger.

    Blackouts for Your Home

    Have you ever been sitting in your home and experienced a sudden blackout? This issue has probably happened to everybody at some point. However, it can be challenging to address this type of problem at times because it may seem very unexpected. Usually, you’ll see this happen during rainstorms because the lines may go down in the wind, or electrical strikes may overcharge transformers. But what happens if your house loses all power and there is no storm? Something else is up.

    And this situation gets even more mysterious if you look over to your neighbors’ house and see that their lights are on and that nobody else in your neighborhood is having an issue. In this situation, you need to contact emergency electrical services near me right away. If you don’t, you put yourself in a dangerous position. There could be any number of real problems that may develop in your home, such as a failure of various types of electrical items that make it impossible for your home to operate safely.

    Therefore, you should call an electrician who can perform emergency services. These individuals can provide the type of help that is necessary for keeping your home safe. For example, they’ll take steps to identify any possible complications with your electrical systems that are impacting your overall home and safety. In this way, they’ll do what is necessary to provide you and your family with the protection required to avoid any complications, such as the potential risk of fires.

    Flickering Lights Can Be an Issue

    When lights flicker in your home, it can be a very annoying situation. People probably see this problem happen all the time and wonder what they can do to manage this issue. However, there comes a time when flickering lights have to be appropriately assessed and managed. That’s because they often indicate a more serious electrical problem, one that may be spreading unexpectedly throughout your home in a way that is often hard to understand or adequately manage without electrical services near me.

    For example, lights may flicker if there is a connection issue anywhere in your home. These connection problems can develop in many different spots and can be hard to predict and manage. In other situations, flickering may be due to issues with the appliances that are flickering. Whatever the case, there is a good chance that there good be a real emergency problem affecting your electrical grid. And when this happens, your home may be in a hazardous situation.

    Thankfully, electricians can quickly spot this problem and take steps to address it and make it less of an issue. For example, they can provide high-quality repairs and maintenance that keep problems from rapidly spreading throughout your home. Then, they can take the time to assess other issues that may occur with your home, such as the chance of various types of inefficiencies in your system. In this way, they can ensure that your home is in great shape and keep you secure, safe, and protected.

    Frayed Wires and Sparks

    Lastly, you should call electrical services near me if you notice any sparks or frayed wires in your home. This situation is often a tough one to diagnose because most of your cables are going to be hidden or behind walls. For example, the wires for your fan, all of your appliance plug-ins, and other types of cable are going to be placed behind walls to keep them as safe as possible. However, you may still notice sparks at times, such as when you plug in various items in your home.

    If you see any sparks coming from electrical devices, you need to contact professionals right away because this situation is dire. There should be, under no circumstances, sparks coming from plugs or wires. That’s because electricians work hard to keep these wires safe and protected from this type of damage. And if you see sparks, something in your system is failing to operate appropriately.

    As a result, you’ll need an emergency electrician who understands this problem and who can address it in a way that makes sense for you. Make sure that you talk to these individuals about what kind of services they can provide. By working with them, you can learn more about the types of dangers that can affect your home. You can then make sure that your wires are probably prepared and protected against such issues and avoid complications in the future.

    Get the Help That You Need

    As you can see, emergency electrical services near me in Temecula, California, are a great way to keep your home safe from serious issues. A growing number of people are finding that this type of service is essential as a way of keeping your home secure, reliable, and protected from severe damage. So if you’ve experienced any of these situations and you’re worried, please contact us at Cali Coast Electric right away to get the help that you need. Our experts will do what they can to help you out in this situation.

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