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    Electrical installations can be difficult and also very dangerous. Electrical hazards are often not seen by the untrained eye, all the more reason to call a licensed professional. Free panel inspections are included with every service call to ensure everything is up to current code and operating safely.

    Cali Coast Electric takes a unique approach to the Electrical Construction Industry. We strive to meet our clients’ individual needs, completing each job with professional workmanship, pride in work, and cleanliness. We make sure to cover all floors and furniture before doing any work that creates dust or debris. All the work we perform reflects the most current NEC code requirements, and each job is followed up with a call to confirm our customers are 100% pleased with the work.


    Bought my house 12 years ago. Built in 1989. Cody, and Cali Coast Electric have absolutely beautified my house. I couldn’t be more grateful, and happy with the level of service, and quality of work they did. I highly recommend them for any homes built prior to 2000, or anyone looking for high end upgrades at an affordable price.

    Richard T.

    Cody did an amazing job installing an antique saloon chandelier in my parents dinning room. He was on time and worked meticulously to make sure it was installed correctly. He is super friendly and affordable. I highly recommend him for any of your electrical work needs. Thanks again, Cody!

    Jale K.

    Cody did a fantastic job wiring and installing our garage lights and a hanging light in the house. The job was done very professionally and you can’t even tell he modified anything! He was on time and very courteous. He left the house clean too! I will defInitely have him back for future projects! Thank you Cody!

    Candi M.

    Cody did an amazing job installing my 50 amp sub panel. His price was very good . He did a great jobs from quote to finish product, he was always on time and communicated all aspects of the job. I will be happy to use him again if I need any electrical needs.

    Beau C.

    I had Cody come out to put a sub-panel along with a 240 outlet for an electric vehicle. Not only did he communicate well, he did excellent work at a very fair price. He showed up early and ensured that everything was to our liking when completed. I highly recommend Cali Coast Electric for any of your electric needs. Thanks Cody!

    Adam B.

    Electric Company Near Me in Menifee

    What to Seek Out in an Electric Company Near Me

    You’ve been running into some electrical issues in your home and want to work with the best electric company near Menifee, California that you can find. However, you need to know what kind of traits make a company worth your time and consideration. The following elements are all things for you to consider. And while they are just a few aspects to debate before hiring a professional, they should give you an idea of what to expect in this situation.

    Fast-Acting Capability

    This trait may sound like an electric company near me is a type of pain reliever or a stomach medication. That may seem silly, but, in a way, they do need to have that kind of quick reaction speed. In many ways, they are like medical treatment for your home. They need to be able to repair serious electrical problems on your home or minor ones as soon as possible. And many experts have different reaction rates to consider before hiring them.

    For example, some have emergency services that make it easy to get them out to your home or business right away. Try to work with these experts, when possible, to avoid any complications. However, you may also find that even these services aren’t capable of getting to you immediately. Should you anticipate same-hour service from electricians? That all depends on how well they handle their clients and their workload, as well as their location proximity to you.

    So when seeking out an electrician, make sure to ask them about their schedule and their capability to fit you into it. Some will have openings that you can take advantage of while others may not. You may also have to make sure to schedule according to the availability of their experts. For example, you may find that some electricians have specific types of jobs that they can perform and that you want to wait for them to be available before hiring.

    High-Quality Training

    Any electrician who you want to hire to work for your home needs to have high-quality training that extends beyond essential preparation. Any electric company near me with your money should have the foresight to provide continuing education for its employees to ensure that they are reliable and capable of handling any demands. Just as importantly, they need to make sure that these experts are smart enough to control the many changing aspects of your electrical system.

    For example, many new high-efficiency items can help to make your home’s electrical system less costly and more affordable. Just as necessary, you can even install new types of wiring that won’t fray as quickly and which will keep your home much safer. However, you need to work with professionals who understand these elements and who can install them in your house quickly. So make sure that your electricians know what they are doing.

    And don’t forget – upgrades to electrical systems happen quite frequently and need to be adequately prepared for and enhanced to ensure that your home or business is safe. And your electrical companies should have this type of training and know-how to handle the unique demands of brand new innovations in a way that makes sense for your home. So don’t hesitate to ask these experts what kind of training they have and what they provide to their customers to ensure the best possible experience.

    Easy Communication Skills

    When you’re working with any type of contractor, you need to find someone who knows how to communicate easily with you. A good stream of communication is often essential because it can ensure that you don’t run into any complications. For example, if your electrician finds an unexpected problem, they need to be able to tell you about it and communicate the care method.

    This type of skill is something that is both inherent to a person and something that can be learned. For example, those who struggle to reach out to others due to shyness can break through this problem by practicing regular communication with others. Just as importantly, they can take the time to master various techniques, such as discussing the different care options available, to ensure that you get the highest quality electrical service for your home’s needs. Gauge this factor on the phone or in-person: does the electrician feel comfortable talking to you or not?

    Just as importantly, they need to use these communication skills to solve problems quickly and easily. An electric company near me is often staffed with people who not only understand the essential elements of hiring and fixing electrical parts but also ways to solve unexpected problems. These issues can occur at any time and need to be adequately assessed outside of the box to ensure success.

    Good Eye for Details

    Lastly, you need to make sure that an electric company near me has an excellent idea for detail. Though you may not think about it much, electrical work is very much a detail-oriented type of work. For example, electricians who miss essential connections or who make mistakes installing electrical wire are not worth your time. If they can’t perform these detail-oriented type of work, what chance is there that they’ll do an excellent job with the rest of your home?

    No much of a chance, obviously. But how do you tell whether or not that these experts have a good eye for details? Talk to people who have worked with them in the past. These individuals should give you a better idea of what to expect from an electrician. They can give you a better insight into these professionals, including taking the time to rate whether or not their rates were too high or if they were just right for your overall cost needs.

    You can also check out online reviews of companies but should be forewarned. Often, these sites collect a large assortment of either five-star reviews (which are beautiful but may not be accurate) or one-star reviews (which are often over exaggerations based on small issues). That’s not to say that you can’t get a basic idea of the value of a company in this way but should have an understanding of how these sites work.

    Always Seek Out the Best Help

    As you can see, the best electric company near me in Menifee, California, can provide you and your home with the help needed to ensure that things go smoothly. So if you’re looking for professionals who you can trust, please reach out to us at Cali Coast Electric right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience in their fields and will do what it takes to ensure that you are satisfied. We can even inspect your home and make sure that no electrical problems are prevalent.

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